Property · 30. October 2017
One of the best ways to sell property fast is to make it aesthetically pleasing. It can be hard to sell something that wouldn’t catch the buyers’ attention. No matter how simple your property is, if it is presentable and appealing, buyers will surely be interested in checking your property out.

Property · 28. September 2017
Singapore is the leading country dubbed as the most expensive to live in. From clothing, food, transportation to personal space like housing, is quite expensive for an ordinary working class. Having a personal space or renting one in the city still requires you a big lump of money which might be more than what your monthly salary is. If you have a six zeros savings or owns a couple of buildings or land, then, good for you. Nonetheless, you might want to explore getting a bank housing loan. For...

Property · 26. September 2017
It is difficult enough to understand the unique public-private dynamics in Singapore, a city-state historically known for its stiff heavily government regulated policies, but is even more difficult to understand the current state of private property buying and selling in the country. And then there was a moment frenzy when in 2011 Singapore government imposed ‘cooling measures’ including lowering the seller's stamp duty and shortening the minimum holding period for private properties that...