Restaurants are now Evolving into Family-Friendly Eateries

Restaurants are now Evolving into Family-Friendly Eateries

Despite various scientific researches showing that fast food is generally unhealthy, they persist as premiere commercial establishment within the food industry. But this has not prevented consumers from looking out for alternative restaurants. Today, individuals and families seem to be in the search for a vast array of dining options from budget eateries, theme resto, healthy options and good family-friendly establishments. More specifically, parents seem to be on the look-out for eateries that offer only the usual high-chairs and very limited menu for their kids. 


In the U.S. there is a growing chain of diners and eateries that are evolving into family restaurants. These establishments offer child-friendly environments and customer service. Some restaurants now give children cookies upon arrival to keep them from waiting. These cookies or treats could be turned over to the kitchen staff for heating and be ready for dessert. Some others have entertainment options like bocce or bowling lanes for kids. Other food places now offer ham biscuits with sweet butter, fresh mozzarella, tomato flatbread Garlic Grilled Shrimp Skewer broiled fish of the day, snow crab legs, or popcorn shrimp, all of which come with orange slices or steamed broccoli. In other family restaurants, the usual kids menu of pizza, mac ‘n’ cheese, mini hamburgers, are served with low-fat milk and "taco kits" that allows budding chefs to choose three ingredients and take them back to the table to fill their own tortillas.


In Hon Kong, home to family favourites Disneyland and Ocean Park, the trend is also similar with a number of restaurants offering kid-friendly themes that make them more attractive for family dining. A number of family restaurants offer typical kid meals but provide a range of child-friendly environment. Some are specifically themed-- a large pirate ship in the middle of the establishment or a small playground where children can play, while others are placed beside malls or recreational areas even beaches. But there are also a few which specialize in an list of extensive menus including artisan cheese sandwiches, fish finger, baked potatoes, sorbet, and even island inspired drinks for kids. 


Other popular family destinations in Asia like Singapore, Japan, Thailand, Bangkok and Cambodia are also into the trend with sprawling kids treats of sweets and desserts, servings of milk , the fast becoming renowned “flying chicken” of Cambodia, the Japanese shrimp Hamburg, Thailand’s divine eggs all served in cafes and eateries with special comic books and toy corner.


In Singapore, the novelty seems to be traditional adult eateries like steakhouses are also shifting into child-friendly territory and are becoming common family eating destinations. While most of Singapore’s best steakhouses and restaurants continue to offer their sumptuous specialties of prime stakes, tenderloin, T-bone, fillet mignon, strip meats and rib eye, most of these establishment now have playhouses, soft padded grounds and even slides, lawns, bowling and playground facilities that lets parents enjoy their stake, adult conversations or even few drinks while letting the children have fun in a safe, laid-back family-friendly environment.   Some kids menu even comes with drawing sheets, colouring pencils and puzzles.