Popular European, Mediterranean, American and Halal Meals

Food is perhaps the most basic necessity. As such it is also the most fundamental element of any event or get-together. Whether exclusive events like family reunions or weddings, office activities or public ceremonies like assemblies, the choice of meals is often an important factor in gauging the success or assuring the satisfaction of guests.


Nowadays, the difficulty of choosing the appropriate meal for any gathering has become even more challenging. Due to rising sensitivity in health or diets and cultural factors such as culturally prohibited food, choosing the appropriate set of meals has become such a daunting task that various individuals, groups, and companies contract special catering service precisely to reduce the stress on event organizers. Today, individuals, groups or companies do not even have to do the choosing themselves and simply, or at least usually, just provide a demographic profile of guests and catering services can decide on the most appropriate or combination of meals to serve. 


Catering services in Singapore usually offer custom services that include stunning food preparation, professional staff, venue preparation, table dressing and even cleaning services.   But understandably, Singaporean catering services are usually distinguished based on the range and quality of the food they serve.


For birthdays, weddings, another family, group or corporate affairs, a typical catering service provides buffet meal sets which are usually a selection of seven to nine food items and one to two beverages with choices from among a range of appetizers, chicken, fish, vegetables, rice, noodles, and desserts. More extravagant options for corporate catering service include packages that include foreign delicacies among the more popular of which are European canapés, crispy polenta, salmon en route, crab nuggets, Italian baked chicken, golden prawns, fish fillet, sausage croissant, mixed vegetable, bread and butter pudding, salted egg puffs, chocolate eclairs and fruit punch.  For fine dining whether luncheon or dinner, Singapore catering services usually offer Mediterranean buffet meals of Lamb tagine with currants, almonds and yoghurt, beef kofta with spicy tomato, feta and pine nuts, Roast Portuguese chicken drumettes with mint yoghurt, caramelized onion, feta and semi-dried tomato tartlets, cous tomato and mint salad, roast rosemary and garlic chats, caesar salad with glazed lemon tart with berry compote as choice beverage. For corporate catering packages, the more common choice are American breakfast buffet that include assorted bread served with butter and jam like butter croissant, white baguette, hot entrée like scrambled eggs, chicken chipolata, turkey bacon slices, sautéed potato with white onion, grilled tomatoes with herb, salads like Caesar or fresh vegetable salad that all typically go with orange juice or brewed coffee. 


Recently too, more and more catering services in Singapore are offering local Asian, Indian and Muslim cuisine as a solution to dietary and religious restriction. Diet meals usually include premium oat rice, mixed grain rice, evergreen vegetables, steamed fish, vegetable chop suey, tofu, broccoli, whole grain noodles, and mushroom. For halal meals, most halal catering services offer Vietnamese set of spring rolls, fresh rice paper rolls with chicken, BBQ beef in betel nut leaves and mango salad, rice paper rolls with prawn, BBQ chicken skewers, butterfly prawns, minced chicken on lemon grass and mango salad or the Malaysian set which include coconut-infused rice and comes with fried chick, sambal, fresh anchovies, peanut, fried egg and cucumber.